The podcast production partner for innovative companies, creative thought leaders, and industry experts looking to boost sales and grow their business.

People buy from people whom they like and trust.

But you’re not new to business so you already know this.

And since you’re here, you probably also know that using podcasting to increase brand awareness, and ultimately sales, just plain works.

Thousands of small businesses, consultants, and service providers use podcasts to get new customers.

And major brands like eBay, GE, Prudential and Slack are betting big on podcasts to boost their brand and drive revenue.

It seems like everyone has a podcast.

And that’s part of the problem.

The podcasting space is already so crowded that standing out amongst the noise and getting noticed is more difficult than ever.

On top of all the competition, the iTunes charts are dominated by professionally-produced podcasts from your favorite public media outlets. The bar for quality has never been higher.

Luckily, professional podcasting production isn’t out of reach for those without the resources of a professional studio or production team.

This is where Riveting FM comes in.

Any podcast production company can deliver cleanly edited audio. They can remove your stutters and pauses, and use dynamic audio processing to make you sound presentable.

If that’s all you need then you have plenty of choices when it comes to outsourcing your podcast production. Here are a few.

Where services like these fall short though is on not editing the actual podcast content. And moreover, not aligning the strategy behind your podcast with that of your core business.

The key to competing effectively is to start by developing an audience-first approach.

We take the time to actually learn your business and understand your customer’s needs. Then work with you to establish an effective content strategy, which includes marketing, promotion and distribution of your podcast. And throughout we also help you find your authentic voice and truly stand out from others in your space.

Then after all that: we compose original music, orchestrate the sound design, and create additional marketing content like blog posts, infographics, and SlideShare decks to use in your marketing and sales outreach efforts.

Oh, and we also professionally process, mix and master your audio.

If you think this sounds like a lot of work, you’re damn right it’s a lot of work. That’s why we only take on a limited number of clients, and why we command a higher price than the other guys.

But our goal isn’t to simply edit your podcast audio. We’re here to help you leverage podcasting to grow your business.

Podcasting is an effective marketing channel BUT it’s not right for every business.

We’re happy to chat and see if podcasting makes business sense for you.

But before going any further ask yourself, “what are you trying to achieve with your podcast?” If you know the answer to that then schedule a call with us — the consult is always free.