Do you want to align your brand with audience-first content that turns customers into fans?

Launching a podcast connects your brand to customers in an intimate and personal way unparalleled in any other medium. Let us be your guide to help you develop and execute podcast content in a meaningful way.

Riveting FM is a strategy consultancy for businesses that want to use podcasting to increase sales, grow brand awareness and foster customer loyalty.

If you’re thinking about starting a podcast initiative, we can help you develop an audience-first approach to launching a campaign that will delight, entertain and align with your overall marketing strategy.

Podcasting is an effective marketing channel BUT it’s not right for every business.

We’re happy to chat and see if podcasting makes business sense for you.

But before going any further ask yourself, “what are you trying to achieve with your podcast?” If you know the answer to that then schedule a call with us.