#30: Why Do We Love to Curse So Much?

DDD #30 Why Do We Love to Curse So Much?
On this episode:
Science says swearing is cool, so get the fuck over it. It’s like wearing pants to the grocery store, or something. We dislike workplace jargon because WE DON’T GET IT. Linda can’t remember what “on my beanwater” means, probably because of all the beers. Our latest iTunes review came in the form of a Nobel Prize–worthy poem.




Why Do We Love to Curse So Much?
, The New York Times
A linguist’s love letter to profanity explains why it’s fine to curse around kids, Quartz
What Business Jargon Says About Us, Forbes
Learn the Lingo: 10 Sports Terms That Became Business Terms, The Huffington Post
17 irritating jargon phrases, and awesome new sayings we should use instead, Nonprofit With Balls


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