#32: Snails! It’s Bill Walsh.

DDD #32 Snails It's Bill Walsh
On this episode:
Legendary copy editor Bill Walsh of Washington Post fame joins the DDD crew to share a very important message: Do not use apostrophes to pluralize your family name on holiday cards. (Morgan declares war on Christmas.) Also, old-fashioned curse words are weird. Dad-sizzle it! Do you know what a group of cats is called? Clowder. Weird.




Yes, I Could Care Less: How to Be a Language Snob Without Being a Jerk, Bill Walsh
The Elephants of Style : A Trunkload of Tips on the Big Issues and Gray Areas of Contemporary American English, Bill Walsh
Lapsing Into a Comma : A Curmudgeon’s Guide to the Many Things That Can Go Wrong in Print–and How to Avoid Them, Bill Walsh

10 Old-Fashioned Swears to Spice up Your Cussin’, Mental Floss
‘Literally’ bothers me, too. But it’s not literally wrong., The Washington Post (penned by Bill Walsh)
The Post drops the ‘mike’ — and the hyphen in ‘e-mail,’ The Washington Post (penned by Bill Walsh)
The 34 oddest names for groups of animals, Business Insider



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