#45: I Am a Woman With a Song Inside Her

DDD #45 I Am a Woman With a Song Inside Her

On this episode:
Vacay, meh, fashionista and about 20 other words first uttered/recorded in 1992 are turning 25. Being “mom” is cool, so all DDD fans are MOMMMM. We break down historic vs. historical and explain what the heck a retronym is. Plus, Morgan addresses her childhood issues with bear hair and gender confusion (as in, people often mistook her for a boy).



25 Words Turning 25 in 2017, Mental Floss
On the Internet, to Be ‘Mom’ Is to Be Queen, The New York Times
Historic vs. Historical—Which Should I Use?, Grammarly
‘Whole Milk’, ‘British English’, and 16 More Retronyms, Merriam-Webster


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