#51: Call Your Mom! It’s Our 51st Episode.

DDD #51 Call Your Mom! It's Our 51st Episode

On this episode:
It’s our 51st episode, and we’re talkin’ emails. That’s right—again. A study finally tells us which email sign-off is best. Thanks, science. We discuss four types of introversion and determine that Linda is all of them, and Brian is just a jerk. Etymology explains the reason salad and salt are kind of the same and why people with ovaries were once considered prone to hysteria. How times have changed…



Ending Your Emails With This 1 Word Vastly Improves the Response Rate, Inc.
The Most Effective Ways to End an Email So That You Get a Response, Lifehacker
So Apparently There Are Four Kinds of Introversion, nymag.com
Unlikely couples: 8 pairs of words you didn’t know shared an etymology, Oxford Dictionaries


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