#57: Buzz, Your Girlfriend

DDD #57 Buzz, Your Girlfriend

On this episode:
After discussing musicals and Morgan’s 7th-grade choir career (not impeded by her back brace), the team does a deep-dive into corporate robot language, per your constant requests for more workplace jargon coverage. And since we can’t get enough of the singular they, we answer a listener email about pairing verbs with the non-binary pronoun. Lastly, we discover “doggo lingo.” (“Discover” = we find out about it because NPR did a story of this years-long trend.)



19 things you need to stop saying (because you sound like a corporate robot), Mashable
10 Words or Phrases Never to Say at Work, Grammarly
Dogs Are Doggos: An Internet Language Built Around Love For The Puppers, NPR


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