#59: Lie (NOT Lay) Down Sally

DDD #59

On this episode:
Remember the Tan Mom? We do. Anyway, guess who uses more semicolons: literary types or us normals. If you’re about to get a dog, think long and hard about the name so your pup isn’t a basic bitch (literally). Listener Anna emailed because every day she says, “Lie on the table.” Is she a doctor, a masseuse, a butcher or a murder? We don’t know, but we explain the lie vs. lay situation. Lastly, if you’re in the bushes, you probably fell in drunkenly. If you’re among them, you’re at the Bush family ranch.




Do Semicolons Make You Pretentious?, Slate
Here are New York City’s most basic dog names, Newsweek
‘In’ or ‘Among’?, Grammar Girl


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