#74: A Grammar Show With a Christmas Problem

DDD #74

On this episode:
IT’S CHRISTMAS! We know you woke up early and gathered your family to listen to this episode. Big news: The name Aryan catapulted to #32 for baby boys in 2017. Happy birthday, Jesus. Everything is terrible. By the way, the most popular girl name was like Ava but longer, and the #1 boy name took Morgan by surprise (hint: Jake Gyllenhaal’s dog). We also review Dante’s nine circles of hell for grammar nerds. Worth noting: Linda is a Trekkie, and Morgan once yelled at a guy for calling her a “doppelganger” because she didn’t know what it meant.



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Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell, Reimagined for Linguistic Transgressions, McSweeney’s

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