Guest Audio Tips

Thanks again for agreeing to be a guest on a Riveting show. We’re looking forward to talking with you. Since we want to create a great sounding show for the listeners, there are a few steps you’ll need to take prior to the interview to ensure we get the best possible audio quality.

Get on Skype.

The first thing you’ll need to is to make sure you have a Skype account. If you don’t have one it is easy to get set up, and you can do so here. If you already have a Skype account, please make sure your Skype application is updated to the latest release and your account is still active. (If you haven’t already done so please send your Skype ID/Name to

Choose your microphone.

If you are using Apple earbuds or any other headphones that have a built-in mic, make sure you select the mic you intend to use with Skype before getting on the call. You can find the option to select your microphone source in the preferences (usually under Audio).

If you only have Apple earbuds with the inline microphone, make sure you hold the microphone while recording, otherwise it will rub against your clothing and cause a terrible scratching sound.

If you want an affordable upgrade over Apple Earbuds, try the Plantronics 628 USB headset (~$20 on Amazon).

If you don’t have an external microphone or Apple earbuds with the inline mic, please let me know so I can purchase and send you a microphone to use. The built-in microphone in your computer or laptop will not produce a track with acceptable audio quality, so if you show up without a mic, we’ll have to reschedule the call for a different time.

You’ll need to wear headphones while recording.

You’ll need to wear headphones to avoid causing an echo in your track that will disrupt the show. Never use your built-in computer speakers (internal or external) on the call as this will cause echo. This echo will make it nearly impossible for listeners to understand you and is impossible to edit out in post.

Choose a quiet location to record in.

It’s important to find a quiet room to record in, preferably one without a lot of natural echo. If you have to record at your office, try to find an isolated room away from other people and foot traffic.

Internet Connection: Ethernet is better than Wi-Fi. Turn off syncing and backup services.

Ethernet connections are better for Skype calls and more reliable than Wi-Fi. If you have the option, use an Ethernet cable. Turn off Dropbox syncing and any other cloud or backup services that may take up bandwidth as they will degrade your Skype connection and cause lower quality audio or dropouts, which will make it hard for us to hear you.


Plan on showing up a few minutes early so we can test the recording setup and get comfortable. It’s not a bad idea to use the restroom before the call. If you have a hard stop time, please let us know in advance so we can plan for it.

Again, thanks so much for agreeing to talk with us. If you have questions about any of this, please let me know and let’s jump on Skype as soon as possible to get everything sorted out.

Thanks again,

Brian Adoff
Riveting FM

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